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Thank you for visiting my blog!

The goal of this collaborative space is to share news, discuss disruptive and emerging initiatives, and analyze such. I am also looking for your input as well as don’t have a problem sharing my thoughts on the exciting world of technology that is a playground for innovation and patents.

Before you move on, let me introduce myself. My name is Sergey Razin and I am the Chief Technology Office for SIOS Technology Corporation. My day to day job is to work alongside with the rest of the leadership team from SIOS Technology Corporation to builds technology and solutions that accelerates the adoption of emerging technologies through minimizing risk and maximizing customer value. My primary concentration is around emerging and disruptive technologies and how such applies to solve future as well as immediate business problems. With my strong background in natural language processing my primary interests lay in the fields of analytics in IT (data center, storage, networking), BigData, telecom, etc. Currently I am concentrating on the rapidly emerging space of Software Defined * and Cloud on the intersection of network and storage

Prior to joining SIOS I was the software architect for EMC Unified Storage division and EMC CTO office where I have lead number of initiatives in areas of network protocols, cloud and storage management, metrics, and analytics as well as innovation. Throughout my academic and professional career I held roles of Principal Investigator (PI), leader in research, development as well as architecture in areas of big data analytics, speech recognition, telephony, and networking. I hold PhD in computer science from the Moscow State Scientific Center of Informatics, where I researched Natural Language Processing (NLP) and media processing. I also hold BS in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina.

So what’s the story of TechDozor name?

Let me give you my interpretation. TechDozor incorporates many things I enjoy.

Tech part is simple, short for technology, I enjoy it and that’s not only my job but also my hobby and something that I am extremely enjoy and good at (or so I think ;) ).

Dozor translated from  Russian means watch. So what’s does that mean in mashup with technology?

  • Mixed with technology it, once again, expresses my interest to be integrated into the technology community, watch the trends, understand them not only from technology but also business opportunity as well as actually write code which is the most exciting part!
  • Also watch originates from the trilogy by science fiction and fantasy author Sergey Lukyanenko and movies by Timur Bekmambetov “Night Watch” and “Day Watch”.

Above is my original interpretation, but from my collaboration with English speaking technical community during different events (conferences, etc.) I’ve discovered another version of TechDozor that takes Dozor from “bulldozer” that yet again outlines another important aspect that partly I’ve explained earlier. While technology and emerging trends are extremely exciting, it is important that it addresses business problems (today and/or tomorrow). With that in mind, it is important to stay sane and invest as well as transform organizations through innovation to develop and deliver solutions to real world problems in order not to fall into a trap of the “cool technology”. In this realm my association with bulldozer as a massive analytical machine that runs over the hype to build the technology that concentrates on the opportunities that really matter!


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