OpenDaylight is here!

There is a lot going on in rapidly growing and developing space of SDN that we stay on top of, but one of the major recent news is OpenDaylight that is organized under Linux Foundation umbrella (Announcement) with pretty well defined structure and some deliverable that will contribute to the adoption of SDN and related technology trends like hardware commoditization, convergence, etc. addressing new business models and related needs.

If you are an open source contributor and looking for a cool, new project OR if you never contributed before but considering and don’t know where or how to start OpenDaylight is the great space to join. As you know Linux Foundation is a home for… Linux as well as the place where “Linus Torvalds gets his paycheck” ;) What many may not realize but OpenDaylight basically is a “new Linux” in the network world or network operating system that many have talked about for years. It will be a new foundation reshaping network to meet the needs of business models that depend on virtualization (cloud), scale, and automation.


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