Let my people go…

EMC and VMWare finally came to agreement that it is time to unlock their new generation products from the heavy guys like EMC and VMWare and let them go.

Who are they?“Pivotal Initiative for developing cloud and big data technology as a separate organization, and it is open to the possibility of that organization having its own IPO someday.”

What are they consist of?

“Pivotal Initiative includes six primary components, including EMC’s Greenplum big data platform with its Hadoop focus and its Cetas data analytics software; VMware’s GemFire high-speed application ingestion software, its Spring platform for integrating legacy data and its Cloud Foundry cloud-independent application automation technology; and Pivotal Labs and its 250 application development team.”

How well are they set financially?

“EMC is expected to invest $400 million in Pivotal Initiative in 2013 and 2014, Maritz said. The organization is expected to bring in revenue of about $300 million in 2013, with revenue expected to grow to over $1 billion by 2017, he said.”

The total addressable market for data and cloud platforms, according to EMC

Who owns it?

Here’s how the Pivotal spinoff will work, as Tucci laid it out. EMC will own 69 per cent of the company and VMware will own 31 per cent of it. EMC will be investing funds into the new company, and products from VMware and EMC will be moved into the new unit, which will be carved out on April 1.





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