2016 – The Year of The SmartData Monkey

DataMonkey2016 is piratically here, and the countdown has begun. What kind of interesting surprises and opportunities will it bring us being the year of the SmartData Monkey?

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The knobs won’t start turning by themselves



Finally, looks like the “knobs war” is coming to its logical conclusion. In the past 5 years there was a huge hit on the knobs, and by knobs I mean APIs (interfaces) that being exposed by different virtulization/cloud platforms. The “hit” was in particular centered around providing a layer on the top (the MASTER knob) that would provide ability to manipulate through a higher level interface (aggregated/federated knob) the knobs underneath.  But with that the announcement of the AWS Management Portal for vCenter it becomes clear that this place is now closed.

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Let my people go… (continues)

In my “part 1″ I was going over EMC transformation as it slices its organization, especially in the infrastructure layers, positioning for success. The primary reason for such transformation is inevitable changes that are coming in the next 5 years where software will eat the commodity hardware and overall infrastructure for lunch. This is a great signal for other organization in the infrastructure space to Continue reading

Let my people go…

EMC and VMWare finally came to agreement that it is time to unlock their new generation products from the heavy guys like EMC and VMWare and let them go.

Who are they?“Pivotal Initiative for developing cloud and big data technology as a separate organization, and it is open to the possibility of that organization having its own IPO someday.”

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