Ceph in the Hat



Or should I say Ceph in the RedHat ;) I have been working hard on all kinds of interesting and innovative things that I will start sharing on soon, but this one worth discussing first. In my last post SAN vs OpenSource I was discussing the benefits of open source Software Defined Storage (SDS) initiative comparing it to SAN looking at two through the lens of Ceph. Another interesting post that was quite popular (according to the Google Analytics) is Ceph vs Gluster who interesting enough now joined under the RedHat or have they?

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Ceph vs Gluster Debate

Recently ran into a very interesting video captured during the LinuxConf in Australia. This video captures the debate between John Mark Walker representing GlusterFS and Sage Weil representing Ceph. Both also represent private entetires Gluster -> Gluster Inc. that now owned by RedHat and Ceph -> Inktank.

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Fusion IO beefs up with another storage acquisition

Fusion IO finally announced acquisition of NexGen storage after a few month NexGen was quiet comparing to its SMB targeting storage competitors like Nimble. There were signs and rumors that were putting FIO as one of the most promising candidates for the acquisition, and it happened.

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