Catch all(…) For high-availability in the cloud


In this post I would like to expose some of the pain points that you may be experiencing (certainly would like to hear more! If I didn’t cover them all) as you transition your Microsoft SQL based applications into the cloud.

You may already know that SIOS Technology Corp. recently announced DataKeeper Cloud Edition that enables native Microsoft SQL Failover Clustering in EC2 environment within a since Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and between the Availability Zones (AZs).

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SIOS Welcomes Microsoft SQL Failover Clustering into Amazon EC2 environment!

Another title could be “Is there more to replication in the cloud?” and I will explain further.

First, let me start by saying that recently SIOS Technologies Corp. introduced DataKeeper Cloud Edition that enabled Microsoft SQL Failover Clustering in Amazon EC2 cloud environment. Prior to that the clouds were quite gloomy for applications that require MS SQL Failover Clustering and as a results those who wanted to take advantage of the emerging cloud technology and all the corresponding benefits were stuck.

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