Amazon message to Enterprises “Come on in, the water is fine!”

Great summary from Wikibon Dave Vellant and Jeff Frick on AWS Summit 2013 (below).

My take away:

  • “EMC and NetApp are legacy” and can they innovate to keep up with the shift?
  • Customers telling “legacy”/traditional providers, we like you BUT…
  • Many don’t get it! In my opinion the way to start is to locate hybrid approach to impalement innovative solution and therefore build the future (connect far reaching innovation with the business today)
  • Software WILL eat the world (application and developer driven world)
  • OpenStack adoption is accelerating
  • Cloud will segment (traditional open source no news there)
  • Amazon continues to innovate while ecosystem is growing
  • Amazon Direct Connect will accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud

It is an exciting time! Next  5 years will change a lot and WILL turn the entire IT ecosystem *upside down*. It is questionable (in my opinion) whether *top* today will look the same in 5 years. It all depends on companies to innovate during this big shift.

Looking forward to EMC World recap since can’t make it this year.

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