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Open AI is working on a very important initiative in realm of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that spans both technology as well as an attempt to look at the regulations, transparency and other aspects of what would be required to get AIG “loose”.

In addition to that, Open AI has also released a portion of their work in realm of natural language GPT2 model ( This model was trained on OUR public internet “playground” with all corresponding issues, biases, and things that we hate and love (more hate) about our digital world. However, only portion of the model has been release with the message, that if “we” (them) would have released the entire “thing”, it will cause chaos and destruction (exaggerating of course). While I do appreciate the thought, eventually it will come out.

How does AGI look like today? What can you do with it? That’s what we will attempt to answer further in this post.

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2016 – The Year of The SmartData Monkey

DataMonkey2016 is piratically here, and the countdown has begun. What kind of interesting surprises and opportunities will it bring us being the year of the SmartData Monkey?

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