Splunk.Conf 2017: State of the Art Demonstrated

Recently I have visited one of the probably the best data (data not Machine Learning or AI) conferences called Conf2017 by Splunk.

Why was is the best data conference?

A lot of data conferences these days are very high-level while this one is very technology oriented that bring corresponding crowd. Conversations are very interesting, attendees are very interested, curious, exploring and quite intelligent, which is always interesting to engage with an intelligent people.

Why was it data vs ML/AI?

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2016 – The Year of The SmartData Monkey

DataMonkey2016 is piratically here, and the countdown has begun. What kind of interesting surprises and opportunities will it bring us being the year of the SmartData Monkey?

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SIOS Welcomes Microsoft SQL Failover Clustering into Amazon EC2 environment!

Another title could be “Is there more to replication in the cloud?” and I will explain further.

First, let me start by saying that recently SIOS Technologies Corp. introduced DataKeeper Cloud Edition that enabled Microsoft SQL Failover Clustering in Amazon EC2 cloud environment. Prior to that the clouds were quite gloomy for applications that require MS SQL Failover Clustering and as a results those who wanted to take advantage of the emerging cloud technology and all the corresponding benefits were stuck.

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