Machine Learning of All Things Open 2014

This time SIOS appeared at All Things Open we larger number of troops on the field and a number of goals.

Prior to diving into the details of the conference and what we did, I would like to state that it is great to see All Things Open growing that started from POSSCON 9 years ago in Columbia, SC. I am honored to be observing and being a part of this great set of events (POSSCONAll Things Open, and Great Wide Open).

During these two days there were a lot of great talks on a variety of topics, and number of new names in addition to already established names in the industry as well as throughout POSSCONAll Things Open, and Great Wide Open.

Now what did we do?

1. We had an opportunity to do a usability study on the new IT operations tool with a great success! In fact we have probably taken Lean Ux to the next level: 15 participants throughout 2 days.

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (205)

with the excellent result!


2. My personal goal was to broadcast the message on the transition that is taken place in IT/Virtualization/Cloud management tools where Machine Learning and believe it or not Artificial Intelligence are making its way into IT (#selfdrivingdatacenter).

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (296)

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (296)

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (297)

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (298)

But instead of me talking about it, let the data drive it.

Below is my R graph of all the Google Alerts on the terms related to BigData and Machine Learning for the past 3 years. As you can clearly see in 2014 Machine Learning starting to observe a significant uptake over BigData.



Why go far? I am not the only one who sees that. How about Gartner creating IToA space?


And underlying analytics and smart machines in 2015 IT Trends?

Of course if that’s not enough there are plenty of examples from people like:

Vinod Khosla

Steve Ballmer

Finally my session was very well attended with a number of interesting question during and after the session.

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (299)

All Things Open 2014 - Day 1 -  (300)

Below is the recording of my session:

As well my slide deck:

I hope that you have enjoyed this great event as well as I did, and had an opportunity to visit SIOS!
See you next year!

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