Let my people go… (continues)

In my “part 1″ I was going over EMC transformation as it slices its organization, especially in the infrastructure layers, positioning for success. The primary reason for such transformation is inevitable changes that are coming in the next 5 years where software will eat the commodity hardware and overall infrastructure for lunch. This is a great signal for other organization in the infrastructure space to start moving up the stack prior to being ran over while stuck in its silos and consumed by the disruptive (Software Defined) technologies.

In realm of these changes there are rumblings in the technology community about new EMC II (“EMC Information Infrastructure”).

New EMC branding


Business breakdown:


EMC 2012 new segments

Very exciting time and full of the opportunities, playground for innovation and patents, but outside of the technology excitement business has to follow. With that it is important to stay sane and invest and transform into organizations that provides the solution to the real world problems in order not to fall into a trap of the “cool technology”.

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